Richards Outpost Local Grown garden plant

Heirloom Varieties, organic grown.

This Year I've decided to try some new varieties that people have been Asking for, Including sever "Container Size" plants, And continue to bring some very rare and Delicious Heirloom Varieties. All Plants are 100% Organic and Non-GMO.

TOMATOES - with  days to maturity

Forth of July Hybrid Burpee Extra Early 4oz fruit, high yield 49 Days Indeterminate
Purple Russian Heirloom Purple, Plum shaped 4" 60 Days Indeterminate
Gardeners Delight Burpee seed Early 1oz cherry 65 Days Indeterminate
Lehretomate,"Teacher" Heirloom Rare, 2+ lbs!, Delicious few seeds - a favorite 66 Days Indeterminate
Patio Princess Hybrid Burpee Small Garden OK, Easy to grow 70 Days Determinate
Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Extra prolific, large vines 70 Days Indeterminate
Summer Choice Hybrid Burpee Sweet 3-5 oz 70 Days Indeterminate
Roma Hybrid, VFN Small Garden OK, Classic Plum 2oz 76 Days Determinate
Yellow Pear Heirloom Mild,  pear shape Cherry type, Large vines 76 Days Indeterminate
Pineapple Heirloom Pink ,yellow, great taste 8oz - 1.5 lb - exotic 80 Days Indeterminate
German Johnson Heirloom Large few seeds 1.5 lb, somewhat disease resist 80 Days Indeterminate
Cherokee Purple Heirloom, Pre 1880's Purple/ Rose color, sweet/ Smokey flavor 8 - 16oz 80 Days Indeterminate
Super Beefsteak Hybrid Burpee Improved Beefsteak Smooth tastey 1 lb 80 days Indeterminate
Super Steak Hybrid Burpee Improved Beefsteak, 3ft plant 2 lb is possible 80 Days Indeterminate
Giant Belgium Heirloom Sweet, meaty. dark pink 3- 5 lbs possible - late season 85 Days Indeterminate
Pink Brandywine Heirloom one of best tasting 14oz - late season 85 Days Indeterminate
Red Brandywine Heirloom Considered on of the best tasting - late season 85 Days Indeterminate