Republican National Convention NYC, Street Protests 2004

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 Protest March: the Republican Convention NYC 2004
What a day it was.  I followed NYC's bike police on my bicycle and stayed with the action

 Republican National Convention, NYC police, Herald Square. copyright Richard Eyerman 2004
This guy has given me way to many tickets over the years (bike related).
He looks like he wants to give me one right there! Didn't give him a chance.
 Watch that trigger finger, Officer.

 Republican National Convention ,NYC Police Riot control squad, Herald Square. copyright Richard Eyerman 2004
 NYC Police Riot control squad, check out the batons and plastic handcuffs - these guys were ready! Nothing to do, Herald Square, NYC.

 Republican National Convention ,NYC Bike Police.  copyright Richard Eyerman 2004
A quite stretch, note the hand signal communication.


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