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Back in the early 70's I was a professional bicycle mechanic and quickly developed a love for one of the most efficient machines ever invented, which has continued to this day.  I quickly learned many tricks of frame building, wheel making, gear ratios, geometry, physics, and design. The freedom one gains when a bicycle is mastered is phenomenal.  Many long solo trips of weeks in duration, taught self reliance and confidence. I used to say I can fix anything on a bicycle with a rock and a screwdriver.  Of course I developed a love for the proper tools and the use of them.  My collection of tools is quite extensive as well.  Including Campagnolo frame and wheel, Var, Cinelli, Schwinn and Raleigh/Sturmey Archer.

Schwinn paramount, Touring Model 1967
1967 Schwinn Paramount, Touring Model
 My Favorite Bicycle for 30 years.
Great adventures,  such a good friend., on the street, DUMBO Brooklyn,NY
this is the bike i rode the West coast Highway from Canada to California.
  30 Lbs of gear including tent, stove, clothes and tools.
 And only $200.00 in my pocket!

Raleigh International Bicycle, 1974
1974 Raleigh International Bicycle
Campagnolo Nuevo record components

This one has taken up the torch in 2005, Central Park NY
This is my favorite bike for club rides in and around Manhattan.

Schwinn Paramount Road Racer, 1966
1966 Schwinn Paramount Bicycle, Road Racer Model
All Original (Weinman CP brakes), great color,
 on the street West Broadway, SOHO NY

Raleigh International Bicycle, 1974
1974 Raleigh International, Reynolds 531
Factory fresh 30 years old, frame is full of life, rides like a dream!

Bob Jackson Ltd. Ed. 753 Arrowhead, DUMBO Park, Brooklyn
DUMBO Park, Brooklyn, view of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge
This special bike is the fastest I've ever owned.
  And I particularly enjoy the NYC-Montauk ride with it

Raleigh International Bicycle, 1974
1974 Raleigh International
Upgraded to c.1980's Super Record Brakes
1995 Bob Jackson Limited Edition 753 Arrowhead
1995 Bob Jackson Limited Edition 753 Arrowhead
Diamond Jubilee celebrated by Jackson Cycles and Reynolds Tube. Reynolds 753-OS special edition, Number 45 of 60.
Read June 1995 Bicycle Guide Magazine Review

Bleecker Street, NYC Rainy night 2003
Bleecker Street at night in the rain, NYC 2003

Raleigh Sports Bicycle, 1974
1974 Raleigh Sports Bicycle- My daily ride
Parked on Fifth Avenue, NYC
This was my daily ride from the Village to Rockefeller Center,
run over by a truck its been replaced with a eBay purchase of the same vintage and style

Schwinn Stingray, Schwinn Family Bicycle Auction The Schwinn Family Auction:
 To see what true collectors are willing to pay for a fine bicycle... click here!
Schwinn Bicycles are an American phenomenon.  Chicago built, premium quality, the dream of every boy of all ages throughout America.  My favorite of course is the hand built Paramount. Six day races with wood rims, nice. Of course  the Sting Ray is an icon of my childhood along with the Beatles.

Schwinn Stingray, Schwinn Family Bicycle Auction
Welcome to my world

Richard Eyerman, West Broadway SOHO NYC
West Broadway, NYC